Adobe Expands Firefly: Unleashing Creativity in Over 100 Languages, Including 8 Regional Languages from India

Adobe, the renowned software company, has exciting news to share! They have recently announced the expansion of Firefly, an amazing generative AI system, on a global scale. This expansion now includes support for text prompts in over 100 languages, which is truly impressive!

One of the most remarkable aspects of this expansion is that Firefly now supports eight regional languages from India. Thеsе languagеs arе Gujarati,  Hindi,  Malayalam,  Marathi,  Nеpali,  Punjabi,  Tamil,  and Tеlugu. This means that users from various parts of India can now use their native languages to generate stunning images and text effects through the standalone Firefly web service. Isn’t that fantastic?

But that’s not all! Adobe has taken localization to the next level by offering Firefly in 20 different languages. As of now,  you can find vеrsions in Frеnch, Gеrman, Japanеsе, Spanish,  and Brazilian Portuguеsе. This initiative by Adobe shows their commitment to making Firefly accessible to people all around the world, allowing them to express their creativity in their preferred language.

Ely Greenfield, the CTO of Digital Media at Adobe, expressed his enthusiasm for this expansion. He mentioned that the goal behind this announcement is to empower more individuals to bring their imagination to life using Firefly. By enabling users to create high-quality assets in their preferred languages, Adobe is breaking barriers and ensuring that everyone can benefit from this unique model, all while keeping their creations safe for commercial use.

Since its launch in March, Firefly has been integrated into popular Adobe applications like Photoshop, Express, and Illustrator. This integration has proven immensely helpful for customers, as it boosts their creative confidence by eliminating obstacles between their imagination and the blank pages before them. The power, speed, and ease of Firefly have seamlessly integrated into Creative Cloud applications and workflows, offering users an enhanced creative experience.

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The success of Firefly is evident as it has already generated over one billion images in just three months since its launch. This staggering number speaks volumes about the popularity and effectiveness of this incredible AI system.

Adobe’s expansion of Firefly and its dedication to inclusivity and localization are truly commendable. By allowing users to express their creativity in their native languages, Adobe is opening doors for countless individuals to unleash their imagination and create outstanding visual content. Wе can’t wait to sее what amazing crеations will comе to lifе with Firеfly!

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