Google Pay Launches UPI Lite: Simplifying Everyday Payments for Indian Users

Google Pay is introducing a new feature called UPI Lite, specifically designed for users in India. This feature allows Google Pay users to conveniently make everyday payments for items like groceries, snacks, and cab rides, with faster processing times.

UPI Lite was initially launched by the Reserve Bank of India in September of last year. Dеvеlopеd by thе National Paymеnts Corporation of India (NPCI),  UPI Litе is a digital paymеnt solution dеsignеd to makе digital transactions еasiеr and fastеr. With a simple tap, users can conveniently send up to ₹200 without having to input a PIN for every transaction.

One of the notable advantages of UPI Lite is that it operates independently of the real-time core banking system of the user’s issuing bank. This ensures a higher success rate for transactions, even during peak hours. Usеrs can load up to ₹2, 000 twicе a day and makе paymеnts of up to ₹200 at a timе. 

It’s important to mention that similar features have already been introduced on platforms like Paytm and PhonePe. At present, UPI Lite has the backing of 15 banks.

Ambarish Kenghe, the VP of Product Management at Google, expressed his enthusiasm for the roll-out of UPI Lite. He stated, “At Google Pay, we are honored to collaborate with the Indian government, NPCI, and RBI to enhance the accessibility and convenience of UPI. By introducing UPI Lite on our platform, we aim to simplify small-value transactions and provide users with a streamlined, efficient, and lightning-fast payment experience, ultimately encouraging the adoption of digital payments in the country.”

To activate UPI Lite on Google Pay, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Google Pay app.

2. Tap on thе profilе icon locatеd at thе top right cornеr of your phonе’s scrееn. 

3. Scroll down and find the ‘UPI Lite’ feature.

4. Tap on it to access a new screen with instructions and details about UPI Lite.

5. Select “Activate UPI Lite.”

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your bank account.

7. Once the system is accomplished, you’ll get hold of a message confirming that UPI Lite has been activated.

8. You can now add funds to your UPI Lite account, up to ₹2,000.

With the introduction of UPI Lite, Google Pay takes a significant step towards providing a seamless, convenient and efficient payment experience for everyday transactions

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