How Zero FIRs are Troubling Manipur Police

You don’t have to go to the exact police station where the crime occurred. You can report it at any police station nearby. This is called Zero FIR. The police station will then send the complaint to the right place. The purpose of this provision is to help the victims of crime get justice without any delay. The police in Manipur have a hard time managing so many complaints that come from outside their area. Every month, they get hundreds of such complaints to handle.

The Manipur Police Department’s data shows that in the first nine months of this year, they registered 1,057 complaints from other places. But they could only solve 25 of them. The rest were sent to other police stations. The rest 1,032 were transferred to other police stations for investigation.

The reason for this high number of zero FIRs is that many victims prefer to file their complaints at the nearest or convenient police station, instead of the one where the crime occurred. Women, children, and tribal people often have to use this provision. They have trouble reaching the police in faraway or violent areas.

However, this practice puts a burden on the police stations that register the zero FIRs, as they have to see

nd the case details and evidence to the relevant police station within 24 hours. They also have to monitor the investigation and inform the complainant about it.

Some police officers also allege that some victims misuse the zero FIR facility to harass or pressure the accused by filing multiple cases at different police stations for the same crime. This creates confusion and duplication of work for the police.

The Manipur Police Department has issued guidelines and instructions to streamline the process of zero FIRs and ensure proper coordination among the police stations. But some experts say that people and police should know more about how and why to use zero FIRs. Citizens are expressing their desire for the state government to enhance the police stations, particularly in rural and hilly regions, in order to make them more accessible and efficient.

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