ISRO Tests Gaganyaan SMPS Successfully at Mahendragiri

A successful test of the Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System (SMPS) was conducted by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) at its Propulsion Complex (IPRC) in Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu .

The SMPS is a propulsion system that uses bi-propellants to control the Orbital Module’s orbit insertion, circularisation, on-orbit manoeuvres, de-boost operations and abort scenarios (if any) during the ascent phase.

The test involved five LAM engines with a 440 N thrust and 16 RCS thrusters with a 100 N thrust .

The test lasted for 250 seconds and involved continuous firing of LAM engines along with RCS thrusters, following the test profile.

The test is one of the tests planned to verify the integrated performance of the SMPS before it is used in the first human spaceflight mission.

The Gaganyaan project aims to launch a three-member crew to a 400 km orbit for a three-day mission and bring them back safely to Earth, landing in Indian Ocean waters.

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