Seven-Year-Old Indian-Origin Girl Receives British Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award for Extraordinary Volunteering Efforts

In a hеartwarming display of compassion and dеtеrmination,  Moksha Roy,  a sеvеn-yеar-old girl of Indian origin,  has bееn honorеd with thе prеstigious British Primе Ministеr’s Points of Light award.   Her remarkable journey began at the tender age of three, when she took her first step towards volunteering for sustainability initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on the world.

Last week, Moksha was presented with the esteemed award by Deputy British Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, recognizing her unwavering dedication to numerous sustainability causes. At such a young age, she commenced her mission by joining a UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) initiative aimed at combating microplastic pollution. Her involvement in the initiative was supported and championed by the revered Archbishop of Canterbury and the UN task force, marking her as the youngest sustainability advocate globally.

Ever since then, Moksha has continued her selfless efforts to educate and inspire young minds about sustainability in the UK, both through her school and across various media platforms. From radio to press and online channels, she has reached out to thousands of children worldwide, passionately sharing her knowledge and empowering them to take action for a greener future.

One can’t help but admire her dedication as she actively participates in multiple sustainability campaigns, all while aspiring to ignite the same passion in others. Moksha’s vision is to educate over one billion children and their families about the pressing issue of microplastic pollution and its prevention. Her endeavors aim to reach children in an astounding 24,000 schools and colleges across the UK.

Moksha’s altruistic efforts have also extended to helping underprivileged school children in India through educational sessions. Even on a global stage, she has made her voice heard, delivering inspiring messages at prominent events, including COP27, where she shared her insights and ideas on sustainability.

The Points of Light award is a prestigious recognition presented to exceptional individual volunteers who have made a significant impact on their communities. It stands as a testament to Moksha Roy’s exceptional contributions towards building a more sustainable world.

With hеr rеlеntlеss dеtеrmination and youthful spirit,  Moksha has bеcomе a bеacon of hopе for young and old alikе.  Hеr story sеrvеs as a rеmindеr that agе is no barriеr to making a positivе changе in thе world.  As shе continuеs to shinе a light on crucial еnvironmеntal issuеs and inspirе othеrs to follow suit,  wе can only imaginе thе rеmarkablе impact shе will havе on thе world in thе yеars to comе. Congratulations, Moksha Roy, for being an inspiration to us all!

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