The BNS Bill 2023 and the Protection of Men from Rape

Justice in Balance: The Symbolic Representation of the BNS Bill 2023’s Legal Implications.

Section 377 of the IPC: Historically, this section was viewed as discriminatory, often being used as a tool for the harassment and intimidation of gay couples.

BNS Bill 2023 Concerns: With the passing of the BNS Bill in its current form, there are rising apprehensions that male victims of sexual assault might be left without adequate legal protection.

 Protection for Non-Minor Males: Previously, Section 377 in the IPC provided protection to non-minor males from rape. However, this protection seems to be missing in the proposed BNS bill, leading to concerns about the safety and rights of men.

Supreme Court’s Verdict: The video also references the Supreme Court’s verdict in Navde in 2018, hinting at its potential relevance to the ongoing discussions about the BNS bill and its implications for rape cases.

Effectiveness of the Bhartiya Nyay Sanhita 2023: There are growing doubts about whether the Bhartiya Nyay Sanhita 2023 will serve as an effective shield to protect men from rape, especially in the post-Section 377 era.

Recognition of Male Victims: A significant concern is that the proposed BNS bill does not recognize men as potential victims of rape. This omission raises serious questions about the inclusivity and protection the bill offers to all genders.

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