Twitter Unveils Revenue-Sharing Program for Content Developers, Expands Monetization Opportunities

Twitter has made an exciting announcement, revealing that selected content developers on its platform will now have the opportunity to share in the company’s advertising revenue.

According to Twitter, verified users who have garnered a minimum of 5 million impressions on their posts every month for the past three months and possess a Stripe payment account will be eligible to receive a portion of the advertising revenue earned from ads displayed in their replies.

To entice extra content material creators, Twitter currently brought a brand-new feature that allows customers to assign paid subscriptions to their content material.
This move aligns with the company’s strategy of promoting creator monetization and supporting their endeavors.

Elon Musk, the billionaire who acquired Twitter in October of last year, had previously stated that during the first year, the entire subscription revenue (excluding payment gateway charges) would be passed on to creators. This demonstrates Twitter’s commitment to empowering creators and ensuring they benefit fully from the subscription revenue generated on the platform.

Financial Times had earlier reported that Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter, is implementing a range of strategies to win back advertisers who abandoned the platform during Elon Musk’s tenure. These measures include the launch of a video advertising campaign, actively following other celebrities to join the platform, and expanding the company’s workforce.

According to sources familiar with the matter cited by the newspaper, Linda Yaccarino, who assumed the role of CEO on June 5, intends to introduce video advertisements with full-screen display and sound-on capabilities. These ads will be displayed to users as they scroll through Twitter’s recently added short video feed.

Furthermore, as per an individual familiar with the situation mentioned in the report, Linda Yaccarino is engaged in discussions about forging a more extensive collaboration with Google, which is owned by Alphabet. This partnership will include advertising programs and provide access to some data from Google’s Twitter.

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